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From Palestinian refugee camp to London, Paris, Dubai boutiques

SEP Jordan (SEP for social enterprise project) aims to “change lives not only of dozens but over time, hundreds, perhaps thousands of women,” she wrote in a message to AFP. On the workshop’s tables lay traditional keffiyeh chequered headscarves with inscriptions of different colors, along with cashmere shawls and handbags. “The project started with 10 women and now they are 300,” said the program’s director, Nawal Aradah. “We make products on request: shawls, handbags, towels, sheets and all kinds of household decor.” Every two months, 11 to 14 cartons containing 190 to 270 kilogrammes (420 to 600 pounds) of goods are sent to stores in Paris, London or Dubai. They are also sold inside the Palestinian territories — in the Israeli-occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem, said the project’s regional manager, Mahmoud Al-Hajj. In a shop inside a large Amman hotel, prices range from 20 to 300 dinars ($30 to $430, 25 to 362 euros), according to Hajj, who said “most buyers are foreign tourists.” For women in the workshop, embroidery is an important source of income. “We all suffer from poverty in this camp,” Ankassuri said. “This work helps us to improve our lives, even if we charge for our products individually at low prices, from 15 to 20 dinars.” Every product she embroiders requires at least a week’s work. She says she has pain in her hands, but enjoys being around other women in the workshop.

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