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Such beliefs and images have unintentionally invaded our minds and one way or another, we tend to strongly believe in them. Unfortunately, such outdated classifications have contributed in creating a superficial immature society and this snobbishness has virally infected our own children because we brought them up with the excuse of not depriving them of anything. The more this snobbishness and love of appearances increases, the less appreciative man becomes for all the blessings he already possesses and to all the things around and gradually turns into an irresponsible person. Looking around, one would easily notice how people have become disgustingly obsessed with ‘brands,’ which made me turn into someone who hates whatever people rush to for showing off reasons. This reminds me of Socrates who said, ‘speak so that I can see you,’ which seems to have been now changed into ‘dress up so that I can see you!’ Instead of classifying such things as secondary luxurious insignificant items, they have become a necessity for some people to carry on living. Who said science is an undefeatable weapon? It is elegance that matters nowadays. It has become the source of income capable of doing what even the highest degrees fail to do. Eyes have turned into minds that behold without thinking. For them, culture is a demoded thing of the past that does not match their valuable watches. The sad thing is that all those snobbish people cannot even pronounce the brands they brag about properly.

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