Efficient Products Of Bridesmaid Dresses Simplified

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Reuters also reviewed public records and conducted interviews with transportationofficialsand industry sources. Construction would not begin until at least 2019, according to public records. "The disruptions could be horrible," the transportation sector source told Reuters. Manhattan's far West Side also is grappling with disruptions fromthemassive 28-acre Hudson Yards mixed-use real estate developmentproject that straddles the existing rail connections. Amtrak's current century-old tunnel, a few blocks north of where the newonewould enter Manhattan at29th Street, was damaged by flooding during 2012's Superstorm Sandy, which left behind a corrosive residue. It would undergo repair and renovation once the new tunnel is operational. The new tunnel could cost between $5 billion and $7 billion, a transportation industry executivefamiliar with the projecttold Reuters on the condition of anonymity because the figures are early non-public estimates. The federal government agreed to pay for half the project, with the two states splitting the rest, though it wasunclear where New York and New Jersey will get the money. A Port Authority of New York and New Jersey commissioner said on Thursday that $2.7 billion for the project could be included in the agency's next capital budget. The Gateway project's advance comes just as President-elect Donald Trump assumes office. During his campaign he pledged to spur $1 trillion of infrastructure investment. "This will be the first test of the administration, in its commitment to New York City and its commitment to infrastructure," said Gateway proponent New York Senator Chuck Schumer at an Association for a Better New York event on Monday. CONCEPTS EMERGE During environmental reviews for big public works, engineering firms often seek to identify the worst-case construction scenarios, industry sources said.

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