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Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent No. 9,474,898. The patent covers key technology that enables safe delivery of Quell therapy for chronic pain while the user is sleeping. Over 80% of chronic pain sufferers report low quality sleep, which then further exacerbates pain. Quell is the only high intensity transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator cleared by the FDA for use while sleeping. The claims cover a novel approach to using skin-electrode impedance measurements to continually monitor the Quell electrode array contact area. If the area drops to a critical level due to unintended electrode peeling, the device automatically shuts off electrical stimulation thereby providing a safety mechanism while the user is sleeping and unaware. This patent further establishes and differentiates the leading technology and clinical benefits of Quell Wearable Pain Relief Technology. About Quell Quell is designed for millions of people suffering from chronic pain. The advanced wearable device is lightweight and can be worn during the day while active, and at night while sleeping.

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A nationwide program would apply consistent guidelines and benefits from coast to coast to consider benefit of economies of level and make mattress recycling where possible more efficient and cost-effective. All our bedframes are complimented with bedroom home furniture with basic style.Zentai also produce a range of Latex beds and Latex cushions which are produced from 100% organic rubber. Both of the providers demonstrated in this post are adaptable and easy to place on the mattress.A mattress cover cover is definitely the one fundamental accessory that must accompany the buy of a bed topper.These bed frames are very soothing, inviting and soothing, and help people sleep better - therefore promoting better wellness. Bed bugs normally perform not really reside on people like mind or body lice perform; rather, instantly after feeding, bed bugs get to a secluded area to process their meal. Bed pests feed by biting on humans, departing a water behind that can become itchy and annoyed at the site of the chew. Amy Westervelt, who do our 2016 improvements, provides squandered thousands of dollars on her very own personal quest for the perfect bed comforter over the past 10 years, which at least helped her narrow down the options for assessment.